Friday, 9 November 2012


 I want to be as sweet as this couple..
 I want to fulfill you needs...
 I want to make our family complete with child..
 I want to make our house as nice as i can..
 I want all of them knows you r happy with me..
 I want you always with me until we r old..

 Once you hold my hand, I'm yours forever...
 Touch me with your right hand and keep your left hand in my shoulder..
 Not touch others women with your left hand after you have me..!!
 I want to be your wife.. One and only..

  Let the couples of kind play at home... diaorang tido, kita pau jap main.. hahahhahahaha..opss..
 L.O.V.E  T.H.E  W.A.Y  Y.O.U  L.O.V.E  M.E

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